Friday, May 28, 2010

Villages, Towns and Boston

In April my mom and I had the opportunity to go back East and see my sister Jessica and her family. For the first three days the three of us girls went to Boston to help Jessica find a place for them to live when they move there in June. A couple things I learned while in Boston are there are outer towns and within the towns there are villages. I couldn't really figure out where the villages started or ended but I heard a lot of realtors talk about them :). Another thing is that most homes are called multi-family homes. It's rare to find a single family home which is what Jess and Kev were hoping for. Multi-family homes are where one family lives down stairs and the other lives upstairs. A single family home is obviously one family per home. :) The homes were so darling! Each house looks completely different and the neighborhoods are so quaint. We saw so many churches on every corner but not once did I see an LDS church...I wonder where they were hiding them. We stopped and ate in Arlington, Massachussettes and I loved the streets there. Every street was lined with trees and because of the recent rain all of them were in bloom. It was absolutely gorgeous! We stopped and visited the Boston Temple grounds and they were so peaceful. Another absolutely gorgeous site. After spending two days in the outer towns we took a couple hours to tour down town Boston. We rode the subway for the first time, visited the hospital where Kevin will be working, saw Harvard Medical school, found out that at a stoplight all lights go red at the same time and everyone crosses through the center of the intersection, I fell in LOVE with Boston Commons which is a giant park in the middle of the cities that have huge dogwood trees which I also fell in love with and visited Faniel Hall which was right by the ocean. After we were done house looking and touring Boston we headed the long drive back to Virginia to see my wonderful neices, nephew and brother-in-law!

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