Saturday, September 19, 2009

Summer Fun Part II

Maddy got her first time in a pool and LOVED it. She was so relaxed in it, we were amazed!She had her first time at a water park for Grandpa Moser's Birthday!
We spent the Fourth of July in Logandale with the Moser Family, this is my favorite. I love having the fourth there. It's a total blast!
t!In August we got the chance to go and visit Krissy and Ryan in Layton and just enjoy a weekend of no plans and a lot of fun. Clint, Michelle and the kids were there too. Thanks Krissy and Ryan for such a great getaway! Josh also started grad school at the end of August at UNLV, It was a sad but very exciting day! (Sad for me, GREAT for him) This was him on his first day of school. Good Luck this year honey, I love you!
We had a great summer and were sad to see it go but we are very excited for this upcoming year.
So we had a FANTASTIC summer. It started out with Josh graduating UNLV with a Bachelor in Fine Arts emphasis in Architecture. I am so proud of him. He has worked so hard the last 4 or 5 years and it was a touching moment to watch him receive his diploma. Thank you so much to all our family who could attend. All of Josh's family (parents and siblings) made it and I cannot tell you how much that meant to him. He didn't know until after the graduation that they all did and he was really touched. After the graduation we had a get together at a park in Green Valley where we had lots of desserts, water balloon games wich turned into a water ballon fight and everything else that is fun to do at a park. That night I took Josh to a concert in town, David Foster and Friends, which was absolutely phenomenal. It consisted of probably 10 or more music artists performing their most fabulous music. WE LOVED IT!

The next thing in our summer fun was a long awaited trip to Cottonwood,AZ for the Anderson Family Reunion. We had so much fun and it was so hard to leave. We spent a long weekend there filled withreally good food and a lot of really good fun. Thankyou to all the aunts and uncles and cousins who made it a great reunion with so many great memories!

Next step in our summer journey was for Josh to perform in The Wizard of Oz which he had also been working on since March. The play was put on by the Helping Hands Foundation in Las Vegas. It is a charity group that helps to support the senior citizens in our valley. Everyone who performs in the play is a volunteer. They must try out and then if they are cast they start practices for a summer showing that lasts 2 weeks, or ten performances, at the Summerlinb Library. The cast is to provide their own costumes and makeup and all proceeds go to the foundation. It is a really neat opportunity and a great event that Josh and his younger brother Jerry were able to be a part of this year. Josh was cast as the Tin Man and Jerry was cast as the Lion. We made so many friends and reunited with so many old friends. Thankyou for such great memories and mom and pops Moser, THANKYOU for all of your help on the costumes. They turned out amazing. (Josh and his dad made Josh's costume, it really turned out phenomenal)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Catching Up

So we're slowly getting the hang of things on our blog, and so hopefully we will get better at keeping you all updated. On my 25th birthday Maddy turned 6 months old. We can't believe she is growing so quickly. She is more and more adorable everyday and we are reminded every day how blessed we are to have her. She is scooting around backwards, sitting up on her own and trying so hard to get teeth. We had our cousin Marissa take Maddy's 6 month pictures and they all turned out so incredible. Marissa did a MARVELOUS job and we couldn't thank her enough for doing them. Marissa also took family pics of Josh's side of the family. It was the first time they had a family picture done (other than weddings) since before Josh left for his mission. It was really fun and again we are very grateful to Marissa for sharing her talent with us. We love you girl! To see more of her work you can go to her blog at

So I had my 25th birthday. Woohoo! It was wonderful, I got to spend the whole day with Josh and Maddy. (Which was the best part of the day!) Josh and his mom took me shopping and we went to lunch at Red Robin. All the servers there sang to me and brought me ice cream. It was divine! That night we hung out at my sister's house and my best friend Janine (who is now my sister's sister-in-law) brought over donuts and all the family sang to me. It was really sweet and I so appreciate the thoughtfulness. I couldn't have thought of a better way to celebrate the day.

Josh and I also celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary. Our anniversary always falls right in the middle of Josh's finals, which means all nighters for him at the school and very little time anywhere else. Well, he was able to steal away from the school and come and meet me for a very late delicious dinner at PF Changs and just have an hour to ourselves. Thanks Mom Moser for watching Maddy so late. We really appreciated it! I gave Josh tickets to see David Foster and Friends and we are so excited to go! I think I scored some serious cool wife points that night.:) Josh gave me some incredibly gorgeous roses and let me know that after 3 years I am FINALLY going to get our wedding video. YEAH!!! I am so excited to see it. A dear friend of his family did our video for us as a wedding gift but as life always does, it totally got away from all of us and we just never got it all worked out. So during Josh's spring break, he secretly worked on peices of the video with the guy and they are trying very hard to get it done. So hopefully only another couple of weeks and we will get to see it. I can't wait!

This last Saturday our stake held it's first annual stake track meet. It was so fantastic, we loved it. They started the morning off with a 5k run,walk,jog and then held races all the way up until noon. Josh was able to do a peice of the walk with me and Maddy but then had to head off to play practice but I was able to participate all morning. I have never been in anything track related and to be completely honest, I am not a very good runner. Well, I was signed up to be the Relief Society Representative for the 100 meter Dash and then the Young Women Rep for the 8x100 relay. Maddy and I finished the 5k walk at a wopping 40 min and 20 sec. I think the first person that finished was done before I even made it to the 1 mile marker. Ha! Ha! But I was definitley not last. In the 100 meter dash I came in 4th out of 8 runners and in the relay our ward came in 5th or 6th, I can't remeber but man we had a total blast. It could not have been a more perfect day weather wise and I really enjoyed myself. It was really fun to run.