Friday, August 6, 2010

Water's Family Reunion Part II

The Water's Got Talent!!!!!!!!! Saturday night we had a family talent show and my camera died in the middle of it. Uggghhhh!! But I did get some great pics while it was up and running.

These are a bunch of the kids getting ready for the show. Aren't they just so cute!!

So these aren't in any order...this first pic is of my mother-in-law and her 2 sisters singing "Sisters" from White Christmas, they are so hilarious when they get together and they had everyone cracking up. The next is Josh and his cousin Jeremy singing "Over the Rainbow" Jeremy learned it on the guitar in 3 days, what a stud! Uncle Neal imitating Tiny Tim and singing Tip Toeing through the Tulips, HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!

Madison singing "My Favorite Things", Scott playing the piano, and our fabulous MC's for the evening, Jenny and Susan.

This is Mia, her talent was folding a blanket (she just learned how and she was soooooo proud of herself, it was so adorable) and she has the 1st article of faith memorized, she's 3.

Izzy singing "Tomorrow", Marissa playing Ragtime and little Alex giving us a GREAT comedy show. He was hilarious telling all his jokes and ended it with a "Peace and Good Night" What a comedic pro!

The newest member of the family, Taylor solved the rubix cube in a minute. REALLY impressive!

Sunday morning, after all the cleaning, we had a devotional which started with all the men singing Nearer My God To Thee and then the actual devotional given by Scott (Rachel's husband). It was so touching. The men sang accapella and it was absolutley beautiful. It brought the spirit in so strong. Scott spoke about the war chapters in the Book of Mormon and how he was encouraged to find the spiritual teachings behind them. He shared with us his testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the sacrafices they made for us so we could return to them. What a great opportunity for us to hear the testimony of a loved family member. I feel we take for granted these kinds of opportunties where we are surrounded by family and they are the ones who need to hear our testimonies most but in reality probably rarely hear them if at all. SO thankyou Scott for opening up your sacred thoughts and testimonies.
After the devotional we took pictures of everyone with Grandma and Grandpa Waters. What a great legacy they will leave behind and a great future they are leading. We love you Grandma and Grandpa and are so grateful you lead this family!
The big group pic does not have everyone but there is a good majority. I think at the peak of the reunion there were 90 people.

Water's Family Reunion Part I

This is a biggie but a goodie!! At the end of July we had a Water's Family Reunion at the SUU Cabin up towards Cedar Breaks. It has been a VERY long time since they have had one and since I am a huge fan of family reunions I couldn't wait to get there and get to know Josh's family better. Our camera kept dieing over the weekend so I got pics but the camera would usually die in the middle of an activity. Hopefully this conveys how much fun we all had and what a success the reunion was. I also can't wait to see everyone else's pics so Waters Family get to posting!! Friday night was family night, everyone was arriving at different times so we took care of our little families and enjoyed being there when everyone arrived. The cabin is so cool. There is so much room inside and on the outside there was hiking, dining and grilling,firepit, sand volleyball court, horseshoe pits and TONS of space to go exploring. The weather was beautiful, overcast all weekend, warm during the day and cool at night. Saturday we did have quite the down pour and a few tents and belongings inside of tents got soaked but it was a beautiful mountain rain.

This is Jaden, Mia and Maddy (2nd Cousins), Smore Fun, Janae making a wish on a weed for a great wedding the following weekend. :)
This is Trevor, ladies he is single, an RM and totally adorable, the other guy is his studly brother Dallin who I just adore also. He is the youngest of the Water's first cousins. Sorry girls he is still in highschool. :)
Saturday was full of crafts, pinata's and games. The older kids made wirly birds and the REALLY big kids got their's stuck in a tree and decided to figure out a way to get it down. Yes that is a water hose and no it did not work. Justin ended up climbing the pine tree to save his beloved wirly bird. :)
The younger ones were given aprons to decorate. Maddy LOVES this apron and wears it around the house.

All of these kids are the Water's Second Cousins, I know awesome right? What is even better is at the reunion we found out there are 6 more on the way. WOOHOO!!!!! Check out Crew's face in the second pic. He means business with this pinata. Ha!Ha!

But it was Gage who with one blow down on the body of the pinata the candy went flying and so did Uncle Neal! Ok so I don't think anyone got it on film but Uncle Neal was the one holding the rope for the pinata and the pinata was soooooo heavy that when the body came off Uncle Neal went flying backwards out the gazibo, down some cement stairs and into the field behind him, BUT not once actually hitting the ground. It was quite graceful, thanks to Jeremy who went after him to make sure he didn't actually fall. Sooooooo Funny!!!!!
The rains came down and the games came out (go ahead, you can sing it). :) While it poured buckets and buckets of rain there were some pretty big laughs going on inside. A huge game of Apples to Apples, an exciting game of UNO (can you tell by Chris's face :)) and an INTENSE game of NERTS. I think I decided that card games are by far my absolute favorite kind of games. Every night was filled with sleepy sillies, sound affects for paper, rock, scissors, Aunts and Uncles playing game after game of Spoons and Buzz Word with neices and nephews who were loving every minute of that time with them and WOULDN'T let them go to bed.
Grandma and Grandpa sitting with the windows open enjoying the storm and cool weather and Uncle Dave making sure they were all taken care of. All the kids in the front room playing a rousing game of duck, duck, goose with Aunt Brenda and cousin Paul (you can see by his shirt he had been in the rain, everything was sooooo wet).
These last 2 pics are of cousin Richard with his nephew Jaden jumping a fast moving river after the rain had stopped. This river during the storm had taken over this entire bank. Anywhere you see dirt was where the water was rushing for a good 2 hours.
Don't worry I have one more post.....