Friday, August 6, 2010

Water's Family Reunion Part II

The Water's Got Talent!!!!!!!!! Saturday night we had a family talent show and my camera died in the middle of it. Uggghhhh!! But I did get some great pics while it was up and running.

These are a bunch of the kids getting ready for the show. Aren't they just so cute!!

So these aren't in any order...this first pic is of my mother-in-law and her 2 sisters singing "Sisters" from White Christmas, they are so hilarious when they get together and they had everyone cracking up. The next is Josh and his cousin Jeremy singing "Over the Rainbow" Jeremy learned it on the guitar in 3 days, what a stud! Uncle Neal imitating Tiny Tim and singing Tip Toeing through the Tulips, HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!

Madison singing "My Favorite Things", Scott playing the piano, and our fabulous MC's for the evening, Jenny and Susan.

This is Mia, her talent was folding a blanket (she just learned how and she was soooooo proud of herself, it was so adorable) and she has the 1st article of faith memorized, she's 3.

Izzy singing "Tomorrow", Marissa playing Ragtime and little Alex giving us a GREAT comedy show. He was hilarious telling all his jokes and ended it with a "Peace and Good Night" What a comedic pro!

The newest member of the family, Taylor solved the rubix cube in a minute. REALLY impressive!

Sunday morning, after all the cleaning, we had a devotional which started with all the men singing Nearer My God To Thee and then the actual devotional given by Scott (Rachel's husband). It was so touching. The men sang accapella and it was absolutley beautiful. It brought the spirit in so strong. Scott spoke about the war chapters in the Book of Mormon and how he was encouraged to find the spiritual teachings behind them. He shared with us his testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the sacrafices they made for us so we could return to them. What a great opportunity for us to hear the testimony of a loved family member. I feel we take for granted these kinds of opportunties where we are surrounded by family and they are the ones who need to hear our testimonies most but in reality probably rarely hear them if at all. SO thankyou Scott for opening up your sacred thoughts and testimonies.
After the devotional we took pictures of everyone with Grandma and Grandpa Waters. What a great legacy they will leave behind and a great future they are leading. We love you Grandma and Grandpa and are so grateful you lead this family!
The big group pic does not have everyone but there is a good majority. I think at the peak of the reunion there were 90 people.


Ben and Taryn said...

My mom is a Waters, I wonder if there is some relation somewhere. Looks like you had lots of fun! Oh and Nerts is a very popular game with Ben's family too.

Jaimee said...

Great recap Jody!! Loved the pictures!

Rachel McEwen said...

Hi Jody, I just found your blog through your facebook comment. i am going to add can add my blog if you want..... it is