Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birhday Josh!!!!!!!

Josh turned 28 on October 12th and it was a GREAT day! Josh worked that morning so Maddy and I surprised him at work with donuts for everyone and a BIG Happy Birthday balloon that Maddy picked out herself. :)

After work Josh came home to a HUGE bag of gummy worms (his favorite) and a birthday card from me. On the back of the card was his gift, a whole afternoon of shopping, just the two of us! My mom and Shannon were so kind to take care of Maddy for the rest of the day while Josh and I spent some much needed one on one time together. Josh's face was priceless when he saw the gift cards, I knew I had done good. :)
Josh looks so happy with all of his shopping bags that were loaded with great stuff! After shopping I surprised him with dinner at Ricardo's with some great friends of ours, the McEwens. Josh was so happy all day and he got excited about every one of my surprises (which honestly is a first). I think the best part of the day was at the end when he told me this was the best birthday ever. It was all totally and completely worth it. I love you honey and I am so grateful you were born!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Maddy's First Haircut

A few weeks back Josh's mom came over to give hm a haircut and Maddy sat and watched as hair floated to the ground, just twirling her own hair and asking if she can get her hair cut. Well, we had been talking about it because she is a hair twirler and when she does that, it matts up and then she rips it out so the back of her hair was really needing a trim. So we got her all excited and we prepped ourselves just in case she was going to be a squirmer BUT she was EXCELLENT!!!! She LOVED having her hair done and just let Grandma Moser do her thing. The finished product was as cute as ever!
The do after it was all done. :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Madelyn!

Maddy turned the BIG 2 on the 4th of OCtober. If you ask her how old she is she says "big 2" it's super cute but I am biased. :) Josh and I decided we would have a little party for her with just us and her grandparents on her birthday and host a birthday party for her later on in the week with her cousins and friends. The day was so GREAT! We started it with balloons in her crib when she woke up and she LOVED that. She got to go to my sister's house and play with her cousin's for a while and then after a great nap we had pizza and waited for Daddy to get home and grandma and grandpa Moser to get there so she could open her presents. All day she was receiving calls from her aunts and uncles all singing happy birthday to her. After the calls stopped she spent the rest of the day singing happy birthday to herself and trying to sneak open her presents. She had me laughing all day long. Telling me "today is my BIRTHDAY!" and she would yell it all through the house. When Josh finally got home from school and we had everyone there she was ready to be sung too. As we sang she sang along singing Happy Birthday to ME. She then blew out her own candle and opened up her presents very excitedly! She had us all cracking up as she opened one gift after another, showing us all what she got and saying they were cute or hugging and rocking her new baby doll. It was so entertaining and I really hope she gets excited like this about all her birthdays. It was such a wonderful day and I am so grateful she is in our family. I can't believe she is 2 already but I am loving every stage she hits. I wouldn't have it any other way. We love you pretty!!!


We took a family trip to California to use our free Disneyland tickets and thought there would be no better time than the weekend before Maddy's birthday. We convinced both sets of parents to come along and Josh's oldest sister and her family to come as well. Josh and I were excited for Maddy to go because when we were there in January she took us by surprise and absolutley LOVED Disneyland. Now that she is a little older and more aware we thought this time would be even better. Well, the morning of our first day there, she had us a little worried.We went straight to Fantasyland and rode Peter Pan, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and Snow White (all rides she has been on before) and she was uneasy about getting on ALL of them. We would be in line and she would start saying, "I no want to ride, I no want to ride" along with a little bit of tears and then we would get seated, she would be great through the whole ride and then as soon as she could see that we could get off she would start pushing on the bar and saying"I get off, I get off". It did only last the morning, the rest of the day was fantastic. It was so fun having both of her grandparents there and a few cousins. Maddy adores her cousins and they were so helpful with her.

We got to take pictures with some of the characters and Maddy would not go up to them by herself. She wasn't sure how to act around them but as soon as we were walking away she would blow kisses and talk about them the rest of the day, wanting to see her picure with them over and over again. :)

Minnies house was so cool and I think Maddy really liked it. Her kitchen was her favorite room.

One of our favorite rides is at California Adventure, it's the Grizzly River Run and as you can see you WILL get wet. It was so refreshing after walking around in the heat and humidity.

My beauty and I sharing an ice cream cone before the show World of Color, which by the way is PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!!!!!

She LOVES her daddy!

Saturday was beach day. We went to Huntington Beach, enjoyed Ruby's on the pier and playing a TON in the ocean. Maddy did not like the feel of sand on her feet nor the cold ocean water so she spent her beach day lounging in the sun on a blanket and shooing birds away from her snacks.

I LOVE these girls!

And of course, I LOVE these boys! Thanks for such a GREAT vacation weekend family!