Thursday, October 7, 2010

Maddy's First Haircut

A few weeks back Josh's mom came over to give hm a haircut and Maddy sat and watched as hair floated to the ground, just twirling her own hair and asking if she can get her hair cut. Well, we had been talking about it because she is a hair twirler and when she does that, it matts up and then she rips it out so the back of her hair was really needing a trim. So we got her all excited and we prepped ourselves just in case she was going to be a squirmer BUT she was EXCELLENT!!!! She LOVED having her hair done and just let Grandma Moser do her thing. The finished product was as cute as ever!
The do after it was all done. :)


Ryan and Krissy said...

The last picture of Maddy looks JUST like you!!! Oh what a cute cute girl!

John and Marissa said...

Hi guys! Darling pictures of your cute family! I don't have your e-mail...but Gilcrease Orchard is way north. Here's the website:
Their hours are limited, but if you call ahead they sometimes make exceptions for family photos.

Kolb & Neen said...

she is so cute. Bela and Talin love their hair being cut. always have. Its so cute, talin always asks for me to cut his. I miss that little girl. Sad I missed her party but I bet she looks super cute in that dress.

Josh and Jody Moser said...

Thanks Marissa!!! We missed you too Janine, we haven't tried it on her yet but everyone just oohed and awwed over it because it is so DANG CUTE!! I am excited because if it fits well we finally have a dress for her for our family pics.