Friday, May 28, 2010

Graduations and Babies!

On May 8th my big brother Jeremy graduated with his Masters in Health Physics and my brother-in-law Jerry graduated with his Bachelors in Business, both from UNLV. Because of Jerry's graduation Shannon was able to fly out to be here for a few days so we decided to throw a graduation party and baby shower combined for the two of them. I was so excited that it turned out so well. Thank you to everyone that came out to support their little family and make the party a huge success! After the party I got to go celebrate with my brother and his family at their house for an awesome bbq! I am so proud of my brothers and am grateful for the example they have set for all of our family. I LOVE you guys!!

I made this for Shannon with the awesome help of Jerry and my husband. It's a wall hanging for Brinley's room, it's a letter Jerry wrote to Brinley. So SWEET!

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