Monday, May 10, 2010

Goodbye Shannon and Cohen!

Jerry, Shannon and Cohen are moving to Florida. :( Shannon and Cohen left the first of March so Shannon could find a job and a doctor while Jerry was finishing school here in Vegas. The Moser family adults decided to have a night out Bowling and then Jerry and Josh took Shannon and I to see the Lion King on the strip. Bowling was a total blast! We played 2 games, girls against guys. The first game us girls beat the guys by one point, it was totally awesome! The second game the guys wiped the floor with us but I think that's just because Justin Page made it for the second game and Jared bowled his first 200 score (which was totally awesome)! I love our Moser family, we have such a great time together and I feel so blessed to have such wonderful inlaws. The Lion King was phenomenal! I was totally enthralled in it and I feel like shows like that need to populate our strip. We are going to miss these guys so much but we are also excited for them to embarq on their new journey!

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