Monday, January 9, 2012

Maddy is the BIG 3!!

Maddy's birthday was a little more low key this year with me being pregnant and on semi bedrest. We celebrated a little with a few of the Moser's at family dinner. Maddy LOVES her cousins so anytime with them is a blast. I made microphone cupcakes and she got some really fun gifts. Then on her actual birthday we had a party with just us as a little family. I really LOVE this because there's no stress and we get to spend that time with her without worrying about everything else. I was really bummed we didn't get a birthday party together for her, I also LOVE doing those but time just got away from us and it was best that I was off my feet. Next year though will be a hit! :)

Love you baby girl! We are so grateful you are ours!!

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