Monday, January 23, 2012

Landon Warren Moser

November 1, 2011 I was scheduled to be induced. I was originally due November 5th but from the 19th week of my pregnancy I had been contracting and was put on semi-bedrest. Basically I had to take it really easy and could only pick one low stress activity a day to do. With Madelyn I started contracting, dilating and effacing from 28 weeks so when the contractions with this one started even earlier the doctor wanted to be cautious. By the week before I was due my body was so fatigued from the contractions that it started to shut down. Dr. Garg didn't want me going over due for fear of my body not being able to complete labor so I was scheduled for induction. The night before was the calmest night I had had since 19 weeks. I had been feeling anxious about the induction and labor so Josh and my dad gave me a blessing to help calm my nerves. Later that night my contractions were almost nonexistent, I had a whole nights sleep and the next morning I still was having very few contractions. The night before the nurse called and said they had to change the time of our induction which was fine. It gave us the morning to spend some time with Maddy. The hospital called again that morning and said not to come in until they called us. In the background it sounded real noisy and the nurse was a little curt in her tone of voice so I was starting to get a little worried that they were really busy and we would have to schedule a whole other day. But just after lunch a nurse called and told Josh to have me at the hospital between 1:30 and 2:00 that afternoon. We packed up, kissed Maddy and headed to the hospital. As we were walking into the hospital Josh and I were talking about how weird it was to "not be in labor" and that I was so well rested and not feeling any contractions. We almost felt bad for going in. I remember Josh saying, "this way isn'y nearly as exciting." Well we only waited about ten minutes before going in. Our nurse took us into the delivery room and got us all set up. She handed me my gown to change into and said she would be right back. It was hilarious, I could not for the life of me figure out how to put the gown together. I bring Josh into the bathroom to help me and we are both just cracking up because he can't figure it out either. We hear the nurse come in and as I'm standing there naked and laughing we ask her for help. She was so fabulous! She laughed right along with us and got me dressed. I got in the bed, she hooked up my IV and we did all the medical history stuff and then she asked about my first delivery. I told her labor went for about 6 to 7 hours but that our nurse wouldn't check me at one point when I was in a lot of pain and when she finally did I was at an 8. So I had gone from 1 4 to an 8 with in about an hour and a half. So she said she would check me right then and anytime I wanted her to. I was a solid 4 and Josh and I were prepared for a long labor as we had heard when being induced most labors are several hours. I was still feeling fantastic and a nurse came in and broke my water. She was telling us every delivery room was full and that we were the only induction that wasn't cancelled that day. She said they would deliver one baby and three more women would walk in. After she left our nurse brought in the anesthiologist who while prepping things said he had 5 other rooms to go to. I told him I still wasn't feeling any pain or contractions so if he needed to go to the other rooms he could. My nurse jumped in and said "No, he isn't going anywhere. If you go as fast as you did last time you need this now." He sat me up and I had one ROYAL contraction and said, "yep get those drugs in me!" Haha! I got the epidural and the patosin which she started on a low drip since I was already at a 4 (it was about 4:00 at this point). She gave me a buzzer button and said she had to check on other patients but if I started to feel pressure to buzz and she will come in and check. Josh's mom had called to see if she should come up after work but Josh told her I was only at a 4 and it would be a while so we would just keep her posted. Well 20 minutes later I was starting to feel pressure so I buzzed the nurse who came in and said, "are you feeling pressure already?" I said yes, that it wasn't awful but I was starting to feel it. So she checked me and I was now at a 7. We all couldn't believe it. The nurse said she had to go check on others again but buzz if the pressure starts to get worse. Josh called his mom and my mom and let them know and his mom said she was just going to come up. About 30 minutes later I was feeling lots more pressure so buzzed the nurse again. We were trying to hold off buzzing as long as we could because we knew how busy they were and we knew our nurse hadn't eaten since breakfast so we wanted to give her a chance to eat. The nurse came in and said, "are you kidding me? more pressure?" Yep, lots, so she checked me again and I was at a 9. WOW! We couldn't believe things were moving so quickly. Josh's mom was there by this time and we were all chatting as the contractions continued to come with more pressure. Our nurse ran out to call the doctor to let him know I was at a 9 and it seemed like the second she left the room my contractions went from bearable to I needed to push NOW! Jenni ran out to get the nurse who came in checked and I said you are ready! I didn't think Dr. Garg was going to make it, I felt like my body had already started pushing before anyone was ready. But sure enough 2 minutes later Dr. Garg was there getting ready. I LOVE HIM!! He is so great and I was so relieved to see him walk in. He asked if I felt I needed to push and I told him enthusiatically YES. He said, then push. My first push Landon crowned and stuck, it took only two more pushes and he was out. He was born at 6:50pm making the length of my labor roughly 2 1/2 hours. WOW! I think Heavenly Father was prepping me for this speedy delivery by giving me the rest I needed the night before and that morning. Landon weighed 7lbs 3oz and was 21 inches long. His eyes were a muddy color and his hair (after being washed off) looked red and he had fair skin. He had similar features to Maddy but he didn't look like her. Josh's mom came in and as she took him in her arms looked up at Josh and said he looked just like him when he was born. I am so grateful that labor was short and that I got my epidural at a 4 versus an 8. It made all the difference. :) I am grateful for our nurse and that she was able to be there the whole time. (Shift change was at 7. We barely made it. :) ) I am sooooo grateful for our doctor, he is so good at cheering you on and being very present during the delivery. And most importantly I am especially grateful for Josh. I could not have asked for a better husband. He was so supportive and didn't leave my side for a minute and he was so good about updating all my sisters and his sisters on the progress. The way his eyes light up during the pushing is what really gets me through. He is so encouraging and excited it's contagious. I love you babe!

Right before heading to the hospital.

Maddy meeting him for the first time. It was love at first sight!

Heading home just under 24 hours later.hese were newborn photos taken by Josh's cousin Marissa. He was 6 days old.


Ben and Taryn said...

He is beautiful. That delivery sounds like such a blessing. My second was super fast too, about the same time.

Samantha said...

It's so nice to have a fast delivery! Congrats on such a beautiful baby :)

Telsha Winger & fam said...

Holy cow! That's awesome. Thanks for sharing.