Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Family Comes to Town!

Shannon and the kids got an opportunity to come out and visit and we were so THRILLED! Jerry had to stay behind and work but we are so looking forward to seeing ALL of them at Christmas. While they were here we had a bbq/swim party at Melissa's to celebrate pop's and brinley's birthdays. It was so fun and we really enjoyed being with everyone.

Brinley and Cohen are getting so big, we miss them so much but are so grateful for the great experiences Jerry and Shannon are having in Florida.

The boys jumping in the pool. I LOVE that they are all doing something different and they didn't even plan it. :)

Josh LOVES playing with his nephews and they LOVE ganging up on him. He was throwing them in left and right and they kept coming back for more. It was really funny to watch.

I can't get enough of that smile!

While Shannon was here us girls took advantage of the time and had a girls date night. We ate at Yollo's Mexican Restaurant which was so yummy! I am still craving their chips and salsa. And then we went to Town Square, got some frozen yogurt and walked the shops. It was absolutely LOVELY and we are so grateful for husbands who took the kids that night so we could have a couple hours together.

We missed Janina but were so excited that the reason she wasn't there was she and Jared were with their new little man Dean!

We went to H&M and Melissa helped pick out these really flattering outfits for Shannon and I to try on. We couldn't stop laughing it was so funny. I think Shannon was the one who said, "I think fashion designers have gotten to the point where they try and find the most awful clothes and colors and say they are the "new thing" just to watch who would really purchase and where such hideous clothing."

Who knew masquerade masks were in? Or hats with protruding flowers?

I LOVE our family, we are such fun people! :)

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