Tuesday, July 26, 2011

4th of July Fun!!

We spent our 4th of July just as we usually do in Logandale. It is our very favorite place to celebrate the 4th and this year was just as fun! Maddy got lots of time with cousins, we got lots of time with some of Josh's siblings and some WONDERFUL memories were made!

Mia and Maddy playing some of the games after the candy was shot from the cannon and before the firemen showed up with the big water trucks for a refreshing water fight. :)

The kids playing Uno with Grandpa on the fair grounds lawn.

I LOVE the girls' faces in this picture. They were having so much fun feeling the overspray of all the hoses. (I tried to get Maddy all the way in the water fight but she REFUSED) Little stinker.

Yes I entered a pie eating contest, well it was really just a pie tin FULL of pudding and whip cream. Tasted so yummy!!! But I lost horribly to the 5 other teenagers I was up against. So much fun though!

Our nephew Brad enetered the watermelon eating contest and totally won! He ate 7 pieces in 2 minutes. Way to go Brad!

After all the fun morning festivities we went back to Christy's and had a FABULOUS lunch and then swam it off at the local swimming pool. Came back to Christy's and let off our own fireworks and made homemade ice cream. Maddy thought the fireworks were great except for the few that made REALLY loud noises. Luckily daddy was there to hold her so she could see them without being too frightened.

We then headed back to the fair grounds for their patriotic show and fireworks display. Always turns out FANTASTIC!

Mia fell asleep during the BIG firework show, silly girl!

And Maddy LOVED the sparklers!


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Jessica said...

That looks like so much fun! I can't believe how big everyone is!!!