Thursday, January 27, 2011

What better way to start a new year than with family, snow, goodies, movies and sleding! Yeah for 2011!

Before a semester starts we try to spend some significant time as a family. We decided to take a day and go to the Veterans Memorial Park in Boulder City and feed the ducks and walk around the ponds. Maddy LOVES animals and always gets excited when we go to feed ducks. On our way she crashed so Josh and I ate lunch in the parking lot of the park while she caught a few zzzz'ss and then when we finished we decided to wake her up and this was the first face we got. Haha!! She is such a beauty!

I thought this was so funny. Josh was holding the popcorn that we were feeding the ducks with and he was trying to get to a different side of the pond. While he and Maddy walked the ducks kept right on their tail. They stayed with them until Josh and Maddy decided on the perfect feeding spot. :)

Maddy kept wanting the ducks to come eat out of her hand and she would chase them saying, "come here duck, come here, I pet you." Needless to say they kept their distance. I LOVE these simple pleasures, it's a great reminder that time together is what is needed and valued.

Maddy was invited to a birthday party for her friend Layla. It was so fun, the kids had a total blast. It was an art party and Madelyn was in heaven. Maddy LOVES Layla and it was so fun to watch them together. (Even though Maddy would NOT leave Layla alone) Layla was so patient with Maddy being all up in her business. :)

Maddy had to be right by her almost the entire time. It was so funny to watch but we really are grateful for a friend like Layla and her parents. We consider them both family and friends. Thank you for inviting us Layla!

Happy 2nd Birthday Layla!

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