Thursday, February 18, 2010

MoTab Christmas Concert

So we were able to get 4 tickets to the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert this year and I was soooooo excited. I had never been to one but Josh and his family have when they were young and they just loved it. Mom and Dad Moser came with us and we went and spent the weekend in Salt Lake. We got to stay with Uncle Bill and Aunt Kim and we had such a great time with them. We wish we could have stayed longer. Jessica and Jayden were there with them and we even got a chance to talk to Jessica's husband (sorry I'm having a brain fart on his name) who is on active duty in Iraq. He and Jessica were talking over the webcam so we talked to him and got to see him. We were so grateful for that. We are so thankful to all of our family who are and who have been in the service. Their sacrifice we could never repay but we love you very much and you are always in our prayers. We also got to spend a little time with my little sister Kristin and her husband Ryan. They took Maddy for us while we had dinner and went to the concert. THANKYOU SO MUCH!! Ryan was so sweet, when they brought her back to us we met on Temple Square and Maddy had fallen asleep in the car and he didn't want to wake her up so he carried her from the car to us while she was in her carseat (not an infant seat, a full car seat). He is such a sweet uncle and we just love him tons! We also got a great unexpected surprise and ran into Josh's old mission companion and his little family. It was a total fluke but we are so grateful for those fluke's. Ryan and Sarah have a little girl named Cora who is only 2 days younger than Maddy and it was a little shocking to see how much they look alike. Same big brown eyes and dimples in the exact same place. Sooo cute! We love them and miss them tons but were so grateful to see them. The lights on Temple Square were just exquisite and the concert was phenomenal. It was a great way to start the Christmas season.


Theresa said...

You came up here and we didn't even see each other! next time tell me you're coming into town!

RyanSarahN said...

It was so great to see you guys! Hope you're doing well! She is such a cutie.