Wednesday, February 17, 2010


One of our favorite traditions around Halloween is when we carve pumpkins with our family. This year we went to Justin and Melissa's home and had munchies and hot chocolate. Mmmmmmm, my favorite. :) On Halloween we went trick or treating with my brother Jeremy and my sister Michelle's kids. Maddy was a giraffe, Josh was a thug and I was some black widow spider thing. We had a total blast and Maddy LOVED that people gave her candy. October was another big month for Maddy because she finally hit 20 lbs (just barely) so she could get a new car seat and see everything from a grand new view. She was so happy!


Theresa said...

playing catchup huh? haha. I can't believe how big maddy is!

Josh and Jody Moser said...

Ya, I totally am. Maddy is growing too fast. How is your little one?