Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December Happenings

I absolutely LOVE these pics! Christmas time is such a fun, exciting, reverent time of year and I love every minute of every moment during the season. With the beginning of December being the end of Josh's school semester we don't get to see him too often so I and Maddy have been doing a few things to get into the spirit of the season. First my mom puts a tree upstairs in the loft for decoration and this year she let Maddy and I decorate it. So we put on our jammies and went to work. Maddy LOVED this, she was so careful with every bulb and everytime she hung one up she said "I did it mom!" very excitedly. It was just too cute!

For FHE one week we went to Ethel M. Chocolate Factory to see all the Christmas lights. Maddy has been so fascinated this year with the lights. She loves just riding in the car and seeing all the houses dressed up for Christmas. Ilove how excited she gets when she sees them, it's like she has never seen them before, each time we come to a new house. This was extra fun because a couple of my sisters and their families were able to come and my parents.

For the Moser FHE we took the opportunity to help decorate Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Waters home for Christmas. They are such a special couple and we just adore them. I like to take these visits and use them as photo opportunities. I want Madelyn to know how much she was loved by her great grandparents.

Then we come to the Winter Fest in Downtown Henderson. We LOVE the Christmas parade! It is so fun to me to take Madelyn to these because it supports the community and it's one of the ways we as a community share in the spirit of Christmas.

School is FINALLY done for the semester and we are ready to start celebrating the holiday with Josh!!!

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