Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lane and Shaana's Wedding

We just spent a weekend up in Utah celebrating the wedding of my cousin Lane and his new wife Shaana. It was so beautiful! The day could not have been any better. My sister Jennifer did their pictures and let Josh and I be her back up photographers and these are some of the pics we got. Jen's turned out absolutely beautiful and we can't wait for them to get these pics. Lane and Shaana were married in the Mt. Timpanogas Temple and then had their reception in Linden. The sealing was wonderful! Their sealer was so sweet and so funny. He kept calling Lane different names rather than his own, he called him Lance, Laana and then Lane. I think watching my aunt and uncle were the best part, my aunt was teary eyed and tender and my uncle could not stop laughing. He looked sooo happy, I don't know if he even realized he was doing it but I could not stop looking. I was cracking up! It was such a perfect day and we feel so grateful to have been a part of it. We love you Lane and Shaana and we are so glad you are apart of our family!

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